Friday, 2 November 2012

Thomas Mensforth (Mensi) prove you're not a Nazi

Mensi from the now defunct Angelic Upstarts
has over the years claimed to be an Anti-Fascist.

Thomas Mensi Mensforth

The facts tell a very different story.

This is a man who wrote a pro Rudolf Hess song.

This is a man who called people 'Niggers' in interviews.
Mensi said the following in interviews 

 "I mean what's the use of playing 
Alexandra Palace in front of 4000 people 
when 3900 of them are white. 
And another thing, niggers are 
more racist than white people are"

 "we were born white, 
we should all have been born niggers. 
I've got nothing against niggers 
but I'm proud to be white."

This is a man who regulary wore Nazi clothing.

So come on Thomas man up and admit the truth
that everyone has known for over 30 years.

Your "British humour"
excuse is getting very repetitive and boring


  1. what is a nazi clothing? He's a skinhead and wearing like it, the problem is that people think that all skinheads are nazis but it's not true...

  2. He and his band were all wearing Swastika armbands. We will be adding a picture of this and also a link to the lnely man of Spandau video. THomas Mensforths pro-Rudolf Hess song

  3. this is poorly written, with very few actual points to make and very little evidence to back it up. It doesn't actually sound like he's being racist in that interview, but then again, you have completely taken it out of context so anyone can read what they like into it.
    I can't actually see that picture cos it's tiny, so again, that could be anyone.

    This isn't the way to fight fascism. To be honest, it's a bit pathetic.

  4. So when Anti-Fascists take things out of context and use the most tenious of links or evidence is that acceptable.

    Everything in this blog is fact.

    You may not be happy with that, but people who constantly attack people in the way Mensi and his idiotic followers do usually have something to hide. We've seen how Steve Diy who constantly called people nazis has himself been exposed for being a Nazi.